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This is a journal that will be consistently updated featuring member's contest, commissions, requests, and raffles~ :D
If you have any of these that you would like advertised, please send the group a NOTE with information and links!

:bulletpink:For commission, please verify whether Point or Paypal (or both)

:bulletpink:For contests, please state: title of contest and a brief description, what the prizes are, and the deadline so we can remove it from the journal once it's over.

Only 10-15 in each category of commissions will be listed at a time, with the newest displayed on top.  Once your post has past it's time, you can always send us another note for it to be put back on top ;)





:bulletpurple:POINTS & PAYPAL:bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple: :iconfascher: Fascher's Commissions! [OPEN]Commissions are open! :ladummyhighfive: 
$1USD= 100Points 

Will draw:
tick Humans/Humanoid
tick Gijinka/Kemonomimi

tickticktick Cute OC's 

Won't draw:
:X: NSFW/Fetishes
:X: Furry/Anthro
:X: Mecha/Robotic parts

$5 / 500  Head/Bust
$8 / 800

:bulletpurple: :iconchivi-chivik: Chivi-chivik's commission sheet -prices and more!- by Chivi-chivik
:bulletpurple: :iconwren12: Commissions Openreach me on skype : live:sunruckus
check out my gallery:
Chibi is 500points or$5 +100points or $1 for additional character

Headshots are 600points or $6 +200points or $2 for additional character

Bossom is 800points or $8 +300points or $3 for additional character

Full Body is 1000points or $10  +400points or $4 for additional character

:bulletpurple: :iconposyprince: Commissions [OPEN]Hello everyone! I'm open for commissions! Bunny Emoji-32 (Waving) [V2] 

I take points as well as Paypal.
All prices are in USD (or points). Payment first, please. (This is to ensure intent!) 
If, for some reason, I cannot finish your commission, I will return your money in full, along with any work in progress.
Extra characters for interactions (waist-up and larger comm) - add half of the total price for each additional character. 

Arrow left Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] Please ask me about backgrounds, props (pets, furniture,etc), and custom commissions! Misc Emoji-11 (Stars) [V1] Arrow right

:bulletpurple: :iconambue: Commission Info OPENI'm opening up some more slots!
Semi cheeb style: 
           (Also available in full colour, unshaded)
Full body: 300 pts/$3.00 USD (+1 character: 200pts/$2.00 USD)
Half body: 150 pts/$1.50 USD (+1 character: 100pts/$1.00 USD)
Normal style:
Full body: 1500pts/$15.00 USD (+1 character: 1000pts/$10.00 USD)
Half body: 1000pts/$10.00 USD (+1 character: 500pts/$5.00 USD)
Headshot: 500pts/$5.00 USD (+1 character: 250pts/$2.50 USD)

Simple background: 500pts/$5.00 USD 

:bulletpurple: :iconabloodycanadian: ABloodyCanadian's Commission Info by ABloodyCanadian
:bulletpurple: :iconluupetitek: Commissions (CLOSED) by LuuPetitek
:bulletpurple: :iconalbin0-toucan: CHIBI+BUST COMMISSIONS [OPEN!]Just a quick update...
I recently opened paypal commissions
and was wondering if anybody is interested
I'll be doing
Bust drawings for $10
Chibis for $5

send an Email to ( ) of what character you want drawn
*Fav Manga/comic character
*Fav TV character
There you can send me reference of what you want.
Once I approve, you can send the money through Paypal
I DO NOT draw
*Furries/Anthros/ponies etc.
demons like homestuck are allowed
*any Hentai/pornography/fetishes 
*Overly fat characters 
If your character is  a little pudgy Example:… (th

:bulletpurple: :iconsaiyanpelt-and-co: Commissions are open.Hey! I'm trying to earn some extra money so I can do nice stuff and treat friends along with me. I consider these fairly cheap, nothing above five dollars and all under minimum wage considering the amount of time I put into them.
I'm doing pixel icons/pagedolls for 100 points, or 1 USD. Here are some examples:
Drags of a character in Prismacolor marker will be 350 points, or 3.50 USD. Examples:
A background will cost 100 points extra.
Digital drawings with lines will cost 450 points. For extra characters, add another 50 points for every character.

Lineless art will cost 600 points.

What I will draw:
-original characters
-non-sexual nudity
-non-explicit kink stuff
What I will not draw:
-anthros, I do not know how
-straight-up porn
And that's it. 

:bulletpurple: :iconangelicvortex: COMMISSIONS INFO [OPEN]COMMISSIONS INFO
Where to find me:

Okay guys, so I've finally decided to officially open commissions. My ultimate goal is to save up for a Core membership, but of course making some extra $$$ is always nice haha I am a college student after all. Anyway, I'm pretty open so please feel free to ask any questions by either commenting below or noting me!!

Slots UNLIMITED (I will update this with my progress on your order):

DO NOT send payment before I approve your order.I

:bulletpurple: :iconannacchii: [Closed]\Commission Shop !~Hii! So I will be opening commissions for anyone interested!~ <3

1. Type A
Description :  A chibi... 
  Price :  $15 per character -

2. Type B

  Description :  Full body (includes Thigh up) Illustration
  Price : $30 per character - $15

I cant do :
Mecha & Complicated Weapons
Real People

If you're interested, please send me a note with this form <3
Username :
Type : 
Reference :
Extra Request :
Payment Method: 

:bulletpurple: :iconjustsilvia: Commissions [open]I decided to reopen my commissions, because it appeared that I need some extra money to buy new clothes - lately I lost some weight (over 30 lbs) and I noticed that I have almost nothing to wear... I'd appreciate some help XD
So, firstly, the prices (per one character):
If you don't understand something, just ask!

Shaded - 100% of the whole price
Flat colors - 80%
Lineart - 60%
Sketch - 40%
Calculated prices are written in brackets. Please remember that $1 = 100:points: :)


(around 600-700px in height) ONLY 50:points: / $0.50!
Sari mini by JustSilviaMalkira mini makeup by JustSilvia
with wing

:bulletpurple: :iconshemeiart: Commission info!COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!
Half Body-$10/1000:points:
Full Body- $15/1500:points:
+Color -$5/500:points:
Line Art
Half body-$15/1500:points:
Full Body- $20/2000:points:
Flat Colors
Half body-$20/2000:points:
Full Body- $25/2500[Points]
Half Body-$35/3500[Points]
Full Body-$40/4000[Points]
Painting style
Half Body-$80/8000[Points]
Full Body-$100/10000[Points]
Additionally, I will do backgrounds if you want, but they have additional prices, because normally, my drawings do not have backgrounds. So.
Simple half transparent background with geometrical shapes-$5/500[Points]
Simple shaded background-$10/1000[Points]
More complex background with more colors and shapes-$15/1500[Points]
Complex background, like landscape-$20/2000[Points]
I'm always adding PayPal fee to all my commissions - so after commissioning me

:bulletpurple: :iconnaay-atsuara: Waiting list! $130/$200 | IN NEED -Point/Cash CommWhy 'IN NEED'? and F.A.Q. :bulletblue: Guidelines & Rules
angle bracket r angle bracket r angle bracket r Batch #4 and #5 - Waiting list OPEN angle bracket l angle bracket l angle bracket l 

Please, click above and fill the form to book your slot!
Bullet; Black Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! Bullet; White Monochrome Sketch  ~ $5 Bullet; White



:bulletred:PAYPAL ONLY:bulletred:

:bulletred: :iconxxwarrior-angelxx: COMMISSIONS ARE UP!!— OVERVIEW
Welcome, everyone to my brand new commissions page! I've finally finished setting up my PayPal account, so now I can FINALLY start raising real money towards my causes! I'm mainly doing this because I want to start raising money for two major reasons:
• The first is to save up money to purchase better art supplies, so I can meet any request's needs
• The second is to raise money for my college career since I'm planning to go within the next year or so (a bunch of family related stuff is happening right now…)
If anyone is interested, please either Note me, or leave a comment in the comments section down below. As of today, THIS MEANS REQUESTS, TOO
— DO's & DON'Ts
• I Do…
»Male/Female; Original/Fan Art; Simple Backgrounds/Borders; Ecchi
• I Don't Do…
»Porn/Hentai (at least not here…); Anthro; Guns; Weird Fetishes; Machines
—PRICES (Either Headshot, Half Body, or Full Body)
• Single Character

:bulletred: :iconnotagoddess: Holiday CommissionsAs the Holidays near, and I finish up my student teaching, I am opening up for as many commissions as I can to help pay my way back home :) Please consider commissioning me, I'd love to draw your OCs or gifts for friends or wallpapers or what have you. Very little is off the table :) And, for those who have been secretly wondering, I have been thinking of doing some NSFW. If you were interested in getting a little something like that, don't be afraid to ask and I will let you know what I am willing or not willing to do.
Here is my commission price list, and if you have something in mind that doesn't fit neatly here, ask and I will give you a quote :)
And for more current ideas of what kind of art I can do for you:
Busts ($10-$15)

Partial Body ($15-$25)

Full Body ($25-$35)

Wallpapers ($45-$60)
I know the price in the chart says it starts at $50 but I changed my mind, so jump on that price if you can :)  I love doing wallpapers!
I accept paypal and fa

:bulletred: :iconshinekoshin: [Closed] Commission: Semirealistic, Anime, Chibi
Hi there,
I re-open my commission, hope you guys will support me Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) 

Here is price list Llama Emoji-62 (Rawr I'll get you) [V3]  
* for 1 character with simple BG like some texture or effect.

Star Rainbow  Semirealistic:

Star Rainbow  Chibi - Human
Brittany and Santana from Glee by shinekoshin

Pink Heart Icon  Some other things Blue Heart Icon

:bulletred: :iconmaddiejk: Commissions :Traditional Art: by MaddieJK
:bulletred: :iconsui-sen: Commission Open!Llama Emoji-46 (This and That) I actually want to do this for so long but now i finally feel comfortable enough to open my first commission Llama Emoji-46 (This and That)    
Payment through Paypal only(USD)
My paypal will be note to you Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1]
Please READ!
 Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4]  I will send the "request payment" to your email, the price will include the paypal's fee (about 4% of the good's price).
 Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4]  Please send me an order form via Note (First come first serve!Neko Emoji-29 (Nyaa) [V2]  )
 Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4]  Commission will be started as soon as i am able to and i will try to finish it as soon as possible (each commission will take me a few days~ 2 weeks depending on the type of the comm

:bulletred: :icondaerkka: :thumb618521655:
:bulletred: :iconhaarmades: NSFW, Ecchi commissions Info

I draw :
Fanart Anime/ Original Character
Regular content
NSFW/ Hentai
Couple (yuri-hetero)
Fetishes (not all)

I do not draw : 

not more than three character             
Animal/ Furry
Fill this Form out and note it to me!
Type of Commission:
Number of Characters:
Character References:
Details; Pose Wishes:


:bulletred: :icongreenovergreen: GreenOveGreen - Paypal Commissions $ [OPEN] by GreenOverGreen
:bulletred: :iconlualady: Commission Info [OPEN]Stock and Ressources
Contests and Events

Who are you?
I am a young self taught traditional artist from France and I mainly use watercolours. I believe we are all forever students so I keep on learning and practicing and I will never stop. I am in love with fairy tales and fantasy and my favourite painting subject is long haired female characters. However, I'm always willing to get out of my comfort zone and try out new things.
How does it work?
First you conta

:bulletred: :icondragocatt: Commissions OPEN! [Edited]((I just added a few things))
Hello friends~! Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3] 
So I need money to help well to just help, meaning it's time I do some commissions! APH America: Sparkle Glasses 
:bademoticon: Will do :bademoticon: 
OC's, Fan art, yaoi/yuri, gore

:bademoticon: Won't do :bademoticon:

Nudity, anything overly sexualized 

Sketches: Bust $1 ~ Waist up $


:bulletblue:POINTS ONLY:bulletblue:

:bulletblue: :iconalmightyandroid: Commissions Info! [OPEN]11/24 EDIT: I've gotten a few more followers from when I made this journal, so I'll bump it again c:
11/17 EDIT: I'm currently having a discount on fullbody commissions! First three to comment on this journal can get a fullbody shaded for only 500 :points:
Hey, there! I'm excited to announce that I'm taking point commissions! 

Once we've discussed what you'd like, you'll pay me half of your commission price. I'll then send you the sketch of your commission, and once I get your okay, you then pay me the other half.

   What I will draw:   
.:Humanoid creatures:.

:bulletblue: :iconrosepiramid: CommissionsRules: 
1.  Comment below.  Don't note me.  I'll respond to your comment by note when I have time to draw.
2.  Pay me half before, and half after I finish your commission.
3.  Keep in mind the more complex your commission is, the longer it will take me.
4.  Provide as much reference as you can, preferably visual, but it must be your own art or something that's been specifically made for your character (such as an art trade, gift, cosplay, or adoptable), and if necessary, youc an write out what you want and I'll go off of your description.
5.  I have the right to reject commissions.
6.  Character reference sheets include drawings of your character in 1 to 5 outfits (each additional outfit being 10Points  extra) and headshots from both sides and from the front.  If you want an outfit design in your character reference sheet, each outfit design is 25Points  e

:bulletblue: :iconneogenki: :thumb638668326:
:bulletblue: :icon96-adopts: Chibi Sale (50-150 points)! (OPEN):new: See new journal here:
:new: Closing this for a bit until we finish the current list, if you're interested in getting something leave a comment anyway, we'll put you to the waiting list and let you know when we can squeeze you in the list ~
The campaign to revive Cody rages on. We're really close to the goal, so, we're opening a chibi sale to gather the rest of the money :heart: ~~
Pixel: Pink Butterfly Crayon : 50 Pink Points

Pixel: Pink Butterfly Sticker: 80 Pink Points

:bulletblue: :iconcoattailsofjustice: Commissions - OPEN New Year's Sale!:star:STATUS: OPEN:star:
CLICK HERE to go to my traditional commissions page.
CLICK HERE for the Iron Artist Challenge.
1. I will get it done in my own time. Don't rush me, please. If you want something by a specific date, please let me know as soon as possible when that is.
2. Pay before I begin the drawing. Once I let you know that I've accepted the commission, please send the payment. If you choose to, you can pay half before and half after. But you must pay at least half before I will begin your commission.
3. Each additional character is the original price added again. Child characters and babies are +half of the default price for half- and full-body pictures

:bulletblue: :iconowlivi: Commissions:OPEN(starts with 12 points)3MORE SLOTSThis Journal might confuse you lol
so just look at the sheet ver.

Thank you :D
*I do everything. 
*Making a journal, or advertising this would be appreciated~
*Note me so we can talk about the price and details.

------------------------------------------BELOW 80 PTS----------------------------------------------------

|Rough Sketch, Bust(White bg): 12 pts|     |Sketch, Bust(White bg): 25 pts |
|Rough Sketch, Half Body(White bg): 20 pts|   |Sketc




:bulletorange: :iconmaddiejk: Requests and Commissions?EDIT: One down! I will be posting a follow up Journal soon so stayed tuned!

Hey y'all!
So as you've all seen, I've started to become a lot more active here on dA, and I'm happy to say I've also become a lot more involved.
I'm thinking of maybe posting some editorials - aka me rambling on about characters or certain aspects of my stories. I have over 25 storylines nowadays if I include short stories and I'd love to get some feedback from people about if there really is anything feasible in some of them. That, and OMG LAPIS is literally insane in terms of how much crap happens, and character development, I mean DEAR GOD.
But I know the true reason y'all are here (yeah I know how the title drag in works, I'm smart LOL)
OK, so with the end of this semester just around the corne



:bulletgreen: Raffle! (Closed)Thanks so much for 500+ watchers! Wow just thinking about that is baffling. XD
Well, you know what time it is~ Another Raffle! :D
To join the raffle you must:
 Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! Be a watcher.
 Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! Fave this journal about the raffle.
 Dot Bullet (Tan) - F2U! Say Hello in the comments if you want to join. ^.^
Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! First place Dot Bullet (Orange) - F2U! 
Picture with a background and two characters. (You can pick full body, bust, headshot, etc.)
Also two traditional art headshots with one character each and transparent background.
(One with color the other black and white.)
Orange Dot Bullet - F2U! Second place 
hosted by :iconangelalovell:
Deadline: Dec. 30th
More Journal Entries



Group Info


Welcome to OC Take Over where we're letting our characters conquer deviantArt!
Seriously... Be prepared for an invasion of OCs if you watch us!;)

This group accepts all art of your OCs and holds contests once in a while. We love your ocs :meow:

:bulletpink: Must be a member to submit. Everyone is welcome to join!
:bulletred: Can submit 3 deviations per week.
:bulletorange: Art must be your own!
:bulletyellow: Please tell us when a gallery folder is full!
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